Doesn't everyone add distilled water to batteries?

I have 2016 Toyota Highlander. The dealer has serviced it since we bought it new. When checking the battery the other day I noticed that a couple of cells were very low on water. When I brought this up to the service department they said that they don’t service batteries, all they do is check the amps. I might be old fashion but I thought everybody added distilled water to batteries. Am I outdated? Mike

Yes, you are. Maintenance free batteries have been the norm for 40 years. “Maintenance free” means you don’t pry the caps open to check the water anymore.

Your battery is 3 years old or older. You can add distilled water yourself and if the service department at your dealer did it they might charge for that service. Since it was very low have it tested at Autozone or just replace it before if fails at the worst time.

You made me look! My car has a Duracell battery, appears to have vent caps that could be removed by unscrewing the cap but is clearly labeled DO NOT REMOVE. The truck has a Motorcraft that has two vent caps that cover three cells each, these are removable to check the water level—not that I ever had.