Does towing behind an RV put miles on?


Hi all, I’m new to this discussion board. I just got back to the office from a test-drive. I found a great deal on a Honda CR-V (exactly like my last one, but 5 years newer!). But it has relatively high mileage (71,000 on an '03). However, it also has the hardware installed on the front end for having it towed behind an RV. I picture some lovely old couple pulling this CRV behind their Winnebago.

So my question: would towing the CRV behind an RV put miles on the CRV? My hunch is yes, but I need some confirmation. My web research has yielded mixed results.




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Yes, it puts"miles" on your car, but only on the wheels and a few other items. The engine is stationary. But don’t worry, the number of miles an elderly couple put on a large motor home is not too much. A retired friend of mine does just that, he pulls a Mazda Protege behind his Winnebago. In the last 4 years they have put on about 3000 miles. The only thing to watch is the stone chips on the hood. We assume here that the car was properly towed with an approved hitch, etc.


Thanks for the reply.

There is definitely an approved hitch (attached to the frame). I knew the engine was stationary during towing - which is why I was asking. Basically I was wondering whether I could chalk the high mileage up to “tow miles” and assume the speedometer does not truly reflect the “engine miles.”

The Carfax shows considerable mileage over one particular year: in 02/05 the car reports 10,400mi, and then on 01/06 it reports 36,000mi. I’m hoping that these 26k miles were “tow miles” and not “engine miles” over that year…


I think you’re thinking of miles on the ODOMETER. No, it does NOT add miles to the odometer.


Yep, I meant odometer… rookie mistake. Sorry about that. So you don’t think the odometer is turning when the car is pulled in neutral? I’ve been told from other sources that the odometer isn’t turning only if the drive train has been disengaged.



It’s an electronically driven device, so unless you’re towing with the ignition on, it won’t register anything.