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Does temperature and mileage afftect oil?

I have a 2000 Honda Civic w/ 153,000 miles on it. I am on a super tight budget right now, and my last major service was in early 2007.

I recently got a minor service 3 months ago and new front brakes and roters.

I checked my oil today and it is below minimum. I have been driving long distances lately, is this normal? I am a month overdue for my oil change.

Because of my budget, i may not be able to afford an oil change and transmission service for maybe 3 weeks. Would it be good for my car to top off my oil and coolant (both are below level) on my own? Would this help to delay the transmission?

You didn’t mention mileage since last oil change. If you can’t afford an oil change, at least top up the oil to the recommended oil level.

Agree; always top up your fluids. Your highway driving , probably at a higher speed will consume some oil, that’s why you have you top it up.

Whether you change oil now or in three weeks is not that important. Don’t go too far beyond the interval shown in the owner’s manual. Highway driving is easy on the engine, so highway mailes count about one half as much as city miles in determining when to change oil.

Just make sure your coolant and oil, and transmission fluid are topped off correctly.

Your coolant and oil top up will not affect the transmission, unless you run with out coolant, in which case the engine will seize up first. The transmission service (change fluid & filter) is not critical as far as the exact timing is concerned, a month or so later is OK. Some people who write us are 3 years overdue in their transmission service!

As for myself, I have had the oil and filter sitting in my garage for our Nissan for 4 weeks now, and I’ll change it next week. Only one month overdue!

Congradulations on your care and concern for the care and feeding of you vehicle!

no matter what you should always have fluids at correct levels…a three week delay prior to service is no big deal assuming no unusual change in driving pattern.

Thank you, everybody! I am overdue for my oil change about a month/1000 miles or so…the longest i have gone without an oil change. My transmission level was fine, but my coolant and oil were below the minimum amount. My power steering fluid looked fine.

I have my manual, and was wondering, does anyone know, on average, how my quarts of oil I would need to buy and coolant?

That figure is right in your manual, usually under “Specifications”. It also will tell you the types of lubricants and fluids, such as “Honda” transmssion fluid. I change oil in my own cars and refer to it as well.