Does anyone know what this part is?

04 Kia amanti.

What’s this plugged in near the mass airflow sensor? Is this normal and supposed to be exposed like that?

Well, you could find a diagram that tells you exactly what this part is.Google is your best friend :roll_eyes:

No experience w/that particular model but stuff near the mass airflow sensor is usually

  • MAF sensor electrical plug
  • Intake Air Temperature electrical plug (IAC)
  • Throttle position actuator and sensor electrical plugs.
  • EGR & other emissions related valves/ports, for the canister purge function for example

That is the PCV breather hose. Try to push the brass connector farther into the air tube.

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@Nevada_545 could this be a cause of a evap leak? P0442,p0456?

I would say no. it could give you a lean code like PO171

have you checked your gas cap. a faulty seal on your gas cap could cause the PO456 code
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Yes I changed the gas cap and sprayed around for vaccum leaks, no idea. I’ve had p0456, p0442, and p0431 for a couple years now @weekend-warrior

I’d run a hair dryer at the rubber tube where the brass part pushes in, get the tube really hot to the touch, then wear a leather or thick cloth glove and reach in and shove the brass part all the way in.