Does anyone know what kind of truck this is?

This neat truck pulled up next to me while I was waiting at a red light driving home from work yesterday. Right hand driver, it’s a Honda brand (I looked back at the logo as I was driving away).

Anyone know what it is?

look at number 5. it is probably a earlier model of it.

20 Foreign Pickup Trucks We Need In The USA (

Could it be a Willys FC from around 1961?

It does look similar…the one in my picture is definitely a Honda, though. I couldn’t get a picture of the hood as I was driving away, obviously, but I’d recognize a Honda hood logo anywhere.

Yeah that’s probably it but Cushman makes a lot of small utility vehicles used by resorts and such. Some years ago my nephew had a franchise to sell some kind of foreign vehicle like that but no surprise, it never went anywhere. While there may be some utility you have to consider why people buy huge trucks here and what they are used for. Also ATVs take up the portion of the market (such as farms and ranches) where a small truck like this would be useful.

It’s a Honda Acty 4x4 utility truck, on of the ‘Kei’ vehicles with engines less than 600 cc. One’s for sale in the US here:

More info here:
Honda Acty - Wikipedia


Probably similar to this one:

I’ve seen several locally in the past. They got popular for a little while, but like Bing mentioned, they’re probably less useful than a side by side or atv off road and I think they top out around 50 mph or so on the highway. Which would be ok on crowded city streets maybe (Japan), but not ideal here.

Texases beat me to it.

I’ve actually lot driven one of these (or similar, I do not think it was a Honda). Cab forward design makes it an odd experience. I’d feel safer on a motorcycle on the highway!