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Does anyone know difference between AC/Pro products?

Hello folks,

The refrigerant in my car is low and I would like to refill myself. I was looking at various AC/Pro products and couldn’t figure out the difference really.

Does anyone know the difference between ACP 100, 101, 102 and 105?

Many thanks in advance.

(P.S. - While I appreciate anyone’s advice to get it done at a mechanic, the value of the vehicle is too little to spend $500 at the mechanic. Hence trying it myself.)
P.S. 2 - Its 2006 Sentra

what kind of car and year?

Its 2006 Sentra.

I would get a can of AC Pro Professional Formula Refrigerant 134a from Advance Auto or something similar from AutoZone. Follow insructions.

I am sure there is a reason why you are low on refrigerant and you are taking a chance of loosing it all again unless the leak is fixed.

They all seem to be different sizes, but I can’t say for sure if that’s the only real difference.