Does anyone have access to the entertainment system firmware updates for a 2015 impreza?

I recently purchased a new 2015 impreza and it was having some problems with Bluetooth audio. I am trying to update the device firmware and spoke with a representative at Subaru who provided me with a service bulletin number 15-205-16R however was unable to provide me with the actual firmware update files. If anyone can locate the full content of this document and provide me with a method to acquire the firmware update I would appreciate it.

Have you considered contacting the dealer?

Where did you find a new 3 year old vehicle ?

I got lucky 22000 miles on it pristine interior exterior not new but damn close

Oooohh… it’s a USED car. Contact the dealer anyway.

If its like GM, I think you’ll find stuff like this is limited to dealers or authorized repair facilities. You can’t even get schematics on accessories. Yep so its off to the dealer. Pick up some supplies like coolant, brake, and power steering fluid while you’re at it to keep it new.

Have you posted this on a Subaru forum?