Dodge Truck

axle fluid. changed to 75/140 gear oil as specified at parts store. now limited slip in front axle does not work properly. will this damage axle?

What year of Dodge truck is this? There hasn’t been a limited slip front diff availible from the factory in decades.

I don’t think the FACTORY EVER installed Posi in the front axle of anything…

Or do you mean the Micky-Mouse vacuum operated “Automatic Front Hubs” no longer engage, the “information panel” screen remains blank?? The gear oil has nothing to do with that…

Ford trucks could have a front posi unit in 4x4s in the 70’s. They were never very popular, I’ve only seen two in my life.

sorry for sounding like such a dufus. this is a 2001 Ram 2500. what is happening is that while making a shape slow turn, like in a parking lot, the front wheels hop. This didn’t happen with the 80-90 gear oil i used to have in the axle a couple of days ago. i assumed there was some sort of a clutch mechanism that would override this posi-traction effect.

It sounds more like the truck is stuck in 4WD.

It sounds like the truck is stuck in 4wd to me too. How is your fuel economy?

If your truck is stuck in 4wd driving on dry pavement will lead to damage, not only to your driveline but to your tires as well. (Here’s a nice pic: