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Dodge RAM 2500 Check Gauges

Our 2005 Dodge Ram 2500 recently started giving us a “Check Gauges” indicator on the instrument panel. The voltmeter was the only gauge that was indicating something out of normal. When we started the truck, that gauge would very briefly come up to 12V and then drop back to 8V. I took the truck to the parts store where they read the OBD II codes (P0514 & P0517) and tested the charging system (199A & 14.9V). Other than the codes, they didn’t think anything was wrong.

We took it into the dealer and they said I needed a new gauge cluster! Big bucks for the part and presumably even more to put it in.

We had never had any other indication of trouble with the gauges so I’m a bit baffled as to how this could have happened. The only thing I can think of was that we just had the truck in for an oil change (not at the dealer). While there, they performed a battery test. My question to the experts here is: Could that have caused my voltmeter to fail? Thanks so much! Kelly

Based on the definitions of the codes you have on your truck, I would focus on getting them taken care of before anything else. These codes, which relate to your battery temperature sensor (of which I admittedly know nothing about) could theoretically affect your gauge reading. I suppose something could have gotten disturbed during a battery test to affect your battery temperature sensor. I would definitely not replace the gauge cluster until these codes are resolved. I cannot even conceive in my mind how the gauge cluster could possibly be at fault in this. All it does is take directions from the engine computer and display them to the driver.