Dodge Neon Oxygen Sensor Issue(s) ECM Modification?

I just bought a used vehicle, the one mentioned in the subject line.
I wasn’t getting the kind of MPG that I was expecting, so I started to troubleshoot.
Well, I found out that the Heating Element on my upstream Oxygen Sensor had gone bad, so my computer wasn’t getting an accurate reading.
Anyway, I did a whole lot of research on what O2 sensors were the best and everything kept pointing me to Bosch. So, I went and purchased an “Exact Fit” Bosch Premium O2 Sensor from
O’Reilly Auto Parts.
Well, I hooked it up and shortly after I my check engine light came on. I hooked up my Actron Pocketscanner and got the code “P0132”. So, I’m assuming that the voltage output from my new O2 sensor is too high for my vehicle.

I decided to look around and ask questions. Well, apparently… The only O2 sensor that’ll work with it is the stock O2 sensor. Unfortunately, all research I’ve done has come back telling me this product is discontinued. Places that used to carry it now have “0” in stock with a big old red discontinued notice next to it.
Which, in a way is fine with me, because, personally… I’d like to stick to the “best”.

What this all boils down to is me wanting to know if there is a way to modify a vehicles ECM to accept a different voltage reading? And if so, upon adjusting the accepted voltage level(s), would I also have to change what it tells the gas pump?

You got a bad NEW O2 sensor.

The O2 sensor produces it’s own voltage from 0-1 volt DC. The computer just takes that voltage signal and adjusts the fuel mixture depending on the voltage from the O2 sensor.


You should verify that heater circuit wires and the sensors wires don’t have a problem. They could be crossed somehow due to a mistake in the wire connection or a wiring fault. Make sure the wires are also isolated from each other, ground, and other power sources. If those things are okay then you might try a different brand sensor.