Dodge Durango - 2002 - PCM module

I bought a refurbished ECM for a 2002 Dodge Durango and had it installed at a Dodge dealer cause I was told that only the dealer could download the program to make it work. After over two hours of working on it, the technician said that he could not re-program the ECM to put in my vehicle’s VIN so a couple things don’t work right. The air conditioning light on the dash does not go on anymore but the air conditioning works and the defroster light now blinks constantly. I can’t tell if the defroster is actually on or not until I get a voltage meter. Everything else seems to work correctly and even better with the new unit (cruise control, shifting, odometer, and my passenger-side window control that did not work before now works). Anyway, do I have a problem with the ECM or does the dealership not know how to program the unit correctly? The place where I bought the ECM said that they do not program VINs into their units cause the dealers need to do it. I know that other sellers of ECMs/PCMs program their units with the VIN, engine size, emissions-type, and mileage before they send them out but that is not what I got.

Was it an ECM or a BCM that was replaced?