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Dodge Charger Rear Door Reactivation Kit - Door latch issue

Wondering if anyone can help me figure out this strange situation:

I bought the Rear Door Reactivation Kit, to turn a 2012 Charger back into civilian use.

I put everything together just fine on both doors.

Everything works great - repeated testing both doors over and over with no problems… UNTIL I hit the locks button.

Then I unlock, and and that point, both rear doors are stuck shut. They won’t open from either the inside or the outside.


I discovered that if I remove the interior handle from the door (and disconnect the interior door cable), it works fine, even after the doors lock and unlock.

So what’s happening is that when the interior door handle cable is attached to the interior handle, the handle isn’t allowing the cable to retract enough to let the door latch mechanism fully go back to it’s resting position which (“resets” the latch).

When the interior door handle cable is removed, the interior cable CAN retract enough to let the door latch mechanism to “reset”.

Could it be the the cable isn’t long enough? Needs to stretch a bit?

Is there any opportunity to have the cable attached in the wrong location? Are all of the cable sheath retention mechanisms fully seated? Is the cable routed exactly as described in the instructions?