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Do valve job same time as new injectors?

2000 Camry CE, 132K miles. Engine light problem. tech switched injector 1 with 2 and random misfire jumped from cylinder 1 to 2, so we feel safe that that’s the problem. We had also noticed a regular 5 second burst of blue smoke from the tailpipe and occasional sputtering on cold startup. If that indicates loose valves letting oil into the engine overnight, would putting in new injectors without a valve job run the risk of dirtying those new injectors? my gut would say no since it’s basically only one cylinder reading misfire, and this problem has been going on and off for a few years.

Car runs fine otherwise–if I didn’t have to pass inspection I wouldn’t bother to fix this. Hope to keep this another five years.

Thanks for any replies.

It doesn’t need a valve job for a puff of blue smoke. If anything it might need valve guide seals. Save your money for when it needs really a valve job (which may be never) fix the injector and drive on.

Thanks MG. Forgot to ask: mechanic chose to use toyota injectors which seems quite a bit more expensive than other brands–more than twice as much as some. Is this a case of you get what you pay for? We’re talking $163 a pop. I don’t mind if that’s truly better quality.


I can only tell you that some replacement injectors will not perform the same way OEM will. That was in 87 and I think the new ones are better. My car got better fuel economy but wouldn’t start when the temperature got down to +15F until I got a block heater. 87 Tempo with TBI only.