Do it yourself Mechanic survey

Hi Everyone,

This survey is pretty interesting, currently taking respondents. The questions are geared towards people who do there own repairs. I am looking forward to seeing the results once it is finished. No email required, just looking for good honest responses. Thanks cartalk community.

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I am not signing in to Google or giving them my email for a survey from some unknown person or company .

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The first mistake you made is, you have to enter an E-mail address!


Just removed the email requirement. I will be honest, I am completing the survey, I am not trying to scam people out of their emails. I am trying to get an accurate view on why people complete repairs on their own and how much they spend to do them. I am not trying scam peoples emails, sorry I wasn’t sure what to do there…

thanks for your observation tester, I have made changes

Thanks for the advice VOLVO-V70. Changes made to make it anonymous.

You do realize that we all have screen names and some of us could just put wrong answers in that survey just for grins . You should have said up front that the survey was yours .

I get that, I was just hoping that the community might enjoy the results as much as I would.
Was hoping for some good honest information for the community.

I reloaded the page, it’s still grabbing my Google email address from my phone.

Because they can…

And they spend as much as they need to to complete the job.


I complete repairs on my own because it’s more economical, and (in theory) if you want something done right, you do it yourself.

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If they have the knowledge, ability and tools…
it can save them money.
the satisfaction of doing it themself.
knowing the job is done right.
And not having to bring it somewhere and have to wait until it is fixed.


I’ll have to think about it. I had to sign up for Google in order to take part in the county’s register of deeds notification system, but I didn’t like it.

As far as the survey, I’ll just have to think about it. The questions and answers are way too basic and restrictive. I’ve been working on my cars for 60 years so mostly all answers apply. Yes I have bought factory service manuals, Motors, and Chilton. Not just once. I have bought tools and have tools. I have succeeded and failed. I have no idea how much I have spent or saved. Sometimes you do what you have to do. If you develop a problem coming home at 6 and have to go again at 7 am, no choice but to fix it yourself. Where did I learn? Everywhere. Parents (mine and others), friends, books, relatives, computers (after they were invented), even Car Talk, etc. See what I mean. It’s all way too complicated for multiple choice unless you are singling out just one repair.

Then how about other fields like plumbing, electrical, home repair, metal working, woodworking, etc. I just replaced a faucet that the lines froze and burst. Did I like it? No. Was it a lot easier than trying to get a plumber? Yes. Plus I’m small and a plumber would not have fit in there.

I guess I just grew up with folks in the neighborhood doing things themselves so hard to put that into a questionnaire that has any meaning to it.


I understand it is restrictive, it is hard to craft questions that everyone feels suits them well. It is kind of a answer the one that suits you best.

It is awesome though, it has already started an amazing conversation. I like it. Please answer the survey the best you can, I hope everyone can participate.

I stopped after 3rd question. The answers provided don’t fit me at all. It’s a guided survey that’s not really looking to see who does their own work. Very weird survey.

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You might say that I tried my best, lol. I am not a professional survey maker as you can tell.


Any suggestions on how to make it better?

It doesn’t look like you have a clear goal in conducting this survey. If I DIY to save money and somebody else does it to avoid talking to their wife, what have we learned? If each person’s answer is individual and complex, what have we learned? So, my question is, what do you want to learn and why?


290 veiws to this thread . 14 times the survey has been clicked on . Me thinks there is not a lot of interest in this survey . The results and 2.00 dollars will get you coffee at Denny’s

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I did it. Didn’t have to use any e-mail, etc but I am on a laptop.
I agree with @bing The survey is restrictive. I had training in the beginning but used to live in apartments or rent a room for some long periods, so would use a shop. I would always get lucky and find a shop (through word of mouth) that would let me do some of the work myself or at least watch/help and pay less. Right now, I usually don’t even think about it. If our cars needs a repair, I just start working on it unless I am sick or not able to get to it due to my work. Same applies to house repairs. Right now, I have the motor, belt, tensioner for our dryer waiting to be installed.