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Do I have a worn out alternator belt?

I have a 1988 Nissan Altima with 186,000 miles. When I started the car today the battery light and brake light came on and didn’t go off when I took the car out of park. I drove 1 mile and pulled over to shut car off and white smoke was coming out from under the hood on the passenger side, it smelled like burning rubber. I also noticed that when the car was running the engine sound was a little bit more higher pitched, like the rpm’s where higher.

Sounds like it might be MISSING.

Is that a 1998 Altima?

I suggest you have the car towed to your mechanic. I do not advise driving it. The alternator belt also runs the water pump, and without it the engine will overheat VERY quickly.

Cross your fingers and hope the distance you drove wasn’t far enough to damage anything.

Correction…1998 Nissan.

Did you pop the hood? I don’t suppose it matters. If that’s all you’ve got for info then as mcparadise noted a two truck is absolutely your best option.