Do I deserve some sort of a discount?


I purchased a 04 jeep grand cherokee a year ago next week. I brought it to the same place I had financed it from and was quoted $600+ to get the steering gear assembly fixed not to mention a fee to get an alignment that it may need after this is done. 46000 miles and I only put 14000 of them miles on it.


Whether you deserve any thing depends on whether you bought any kind of extended warranty. If not, then I’m afraid you’re out %600+.



You bought a used car and if sold “AS IS” then you are entitled to nothing.


Deserve ? Do you give this dealer repeat business , your general maintainance business ?? Did you get a 90 day warranty or a one year warranty ? Does it look as though maybe you are the rough driver of this truck ? Did you ask nicely about sharing the cost since it’s so relatively ( ? 14,000 miles ) new to you or did you storm in there demanding something ? Deserve…can’t tell on this end.


you don’t have to take it to a dealer. you can find a good local independent mechanic.

ask around for references, and names of mechanics who people you know use.

what symptoms is it having, that make this diagnosis? maybe you need to take it to another mechanic for a second opinion.


I’m sorry that your have problems, and they do not owe you a discount. You might try getting a second opinion and price somewhere else. Your friends, neighbors, and workmates might have a garage they are pleased with.


Used cars typically come with a maximum of a 90 day warranty, unless the purchaser pays for an extended warranty.

The dealer from whom you bought the car made money from both the purchase and from the financing. Now, you have given him additional money by having repairs performed by him.

Giving the dealer additional profit at this point is…pointless. I really don’t understand why you would take the vehicle to that dealership at this point. By taking the vehicle to him at this point, he probably has come to view you as a “cash cow” for his business.

Instead of a discount, you deserve a censure for being foolish enough to give the dealer more money. Sorry, but that is my opinion.


Nope. They sell parts, service, and cars. Just because you buy one doesn’t mean you get a discount on the other. You might want to check the kind of deal you got on financing though from a dealer vs. a credit union though. Usually dealers have a much higher interest rate due to profit and clientele.


a year ago next week…did you frequent there business often for oil changes, etc? If not, no discount, and even if you did that does not mean you deserve one.

Discounts have a lot to do with the customers attitude. If someone comes into my shop expecting a discount they do not get it. If the customer acts like a human being that does not get “wierded out” (technical term) over any little thing, then I can and sometimes do give them a discount.

But, if one tells me there problem in a mature manner and asks if there is something I can do, then I do, but I control the amount since it is at my discretion.