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Do digital odometers round up to the nearest mile?

Does anybody know if digital odometers round up? I have a 2001 Toyota Prius, with a digital odometer that displays to the tenth of a mile. But when the display advances one digit, is that because I’ve traveled a whole tenth of a mile or only 5 hundredths of a mile?

Gee, I can’t wait until I’m retired.

If it advanced every 5/100 of a mile your odometer would register twice as many miles as you’ve driven. The odometer advances 1/10 mile for every 1/10 mile you drive, more or less. Odometers and speedometers are not 100% accurate.

When you replace tires it affects the accuracy. Incorrect inflation affects the accuracy. It’s just not that critical.

It displays only those distances that you’ve completed. Until you complete 1/10th of a mile, it’ll not display that 1/10th of a mile.

As McP pointed out, it ain’t that accurate.

But you raise an interesting point about the accuracy of odometers. My own speedo is a bit optimistic…by about 2 mph consistantly, at all speeds (based on the police radar devices). However, since it’s consistant across the scale, whether I’m going 10 mph or 75 mph, that tells me that even though I appear to be going a bit faster than I am it may actually be recording the correct distance traveled.

If the VSS signal were running a bit off, the MPH error should vary in direct relation to the speed…but it does not. Therefore, the needle would seem to simply be a bit retarded from the VSS signal.

I know you guys will enjoy this one. Have a ball.

Doesn’t matter.

Even if it “rounds” to the nearest 0.1 mi, then it first did so with 000000.05 mi on the odometer. It won’t go to 0.2 until it has 000000.15…exactly 0.1 mi later.

Assuming you bought the car with at least 000000.1 mi on the odometer, this is a hypothetical question.

(I can still recall being 20 8/12 years old, and desiring just this sort of rounding…)

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