DMTL pump

i noticed there have been a few conversation regarding DMTL pumps failing in bmw’s. I have been having similar issues at moment with my 2004 325i, where the SES light continues to come on despite replacing the DMTL pump 3 times in the past 6 months. i have recently been told by the bmw service centre that it is the last time they will cover it under warranty…not sure if they can do this as it is supposedly covered for 2 years. anyways, they also told me that they are unable to diagnose the error code as they do not have the proper diagnostic tools. i must admit i was floored by this response. when i asked what i need to do to sort it out they’re suggestion was that i trade it in to somewhere other than a bmw shop, but my conscience won’t allow me to do this. apart from the annoying light the car is running perfectly.
any help appreciated.