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Distracted driving annual award winner!

‘It was all fun and games until a drunk, naked man and his (also naked) companion crashed into a tree near La Grande, Washington, on Nov. 22. Washington State Patrol spokeswoman Brooke Bova told The Olympian that the couple were engaging in intercourse when the driver missed a curve and left the highway. The woman was hospitalized with broken bones, but her 3-month-old child was unhurt in the backseat. The driver, who has three prior DUI convictions, was charged with felony driving under the influence, vehicular assault and endangering a child. [The Olympian, 11/24/2017]’

Sigh. I’ve led such a boring life…

Seriously, with three DUI convictions this clown had no business driving.
I still believe that the only way to stop drunk driving is to impound the vehicles. Then, if the driver is convicted, confiscate the vehicle in addition to appropriate jail time and other penalties. If he/she is acquitted, the vehicle could be returned.

Was she blocking his view?

Read in the news about a guy getting his 12th dui since 1980, thats crazy Thank god for uber, used them to get to the pub last night to meet up with friends, decided to walk home, 3 miles or so and really enjoyed the walk.

I’ve seen this kind of statistic many times, sometimes followed by the name of the person he killed. The courts just fine them and hand them their keys back… as long as they pay the impound fees.

I am willing to give a guy or gal a break, as long as they don’t hurt anyone,

Try that in a 1961 VW Bug…

@ok4450, how’d it work out?

Were they using protection?!

I had a '61 bug. Can’t be done. :rofl:

Yes it can be done… :wink:

I’m jealous…

Twenty seven miles of totally empty, arrow straight 2 lane highway with no shoulders at all. Wasn’t my idea but why not…

A '59 Corvette with the hardtop in place makes the VW seem like a honeymoon suite at a 5 Star hotel…

Another argument for self-driving cars. I wonder if they pulled a plug.

I remember many years ago, maybe back in the 50’s, P**yb*y magazine reported that in France a couple was charged with misconduct in a small car called 2CV, meaning 2 taxable horsepower.

Their defense was it was not possible. The judge adjourned until the next day and asked a married couple as consulting experts, and they reported, yes, it was possible. Guilty!