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Discovered! Another Tucker 48--

–and this one has less than 8k on the odometer, with little or no rust damage!

The Tucker was the car I dreamed of owning when I was in 2nd grade. There were advertisements about the Tucker in the newspapers. The year was 1948 and GM and Chrysler were essentially prewar designs. The 1949 Ford line came along in the summer of 1948 but still didn’t look as modern as the Tucker.

Does anyone besides me see a parallel between how the big three (GM, Ford, and Chrysler) sabotaged Tucker by having legislators bring Tucker up before the security and exchange commission and the auto manufacturers today attempting to block the way Tesla sells cars via legislative action in a couple of states? Just like the late 1940s, the big auto manufacturers are afraid of competition.

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Yup, I see it too.
Trouble is, times have changed. And Tesla has the revenue source behind it to fight the “Big Two”. Time to stop saying “Big Three”, since one of them is really history, owned by Fiat with its car lines probably headed for oblivion.

While Tuckers were interesting, I don’t see anything groundbreaking except for the safety features. Nothing else has proven worthwhile. And I’m a bit skeptical on the conspiracy side. The Tucker didn’t even have a working engine when it was first shown.

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Tucker bought Franklin motors which designed and built air cooled aircraft engines. It was an offshoot of the Franklin motor company that went out of business years earlier.

The Franklin air craft engines were converted from air cooling to liquid cooling when used in the Tucker. Tucker did have a fast 0-60 time–10 seconds–quick for that time period. IMO, the only cars that were innovative back then were the Nash and the Hudson.

It’s no simple matter to start a new automobile company, and certainly the established companies will use whatever they can to defend their markets. None the less, new companies come up from time to time, and some succeed. Hyundai is one. They do make trucks and you see them in other countries, but not in the US much. In the rest of the Western hemisphere most new, luxury buses are made in China. Not here, yet.

The way Tesla is financing itself is amazing. Huge dollars are being pumped into it by stock buyers and now with deposits on a car does really does not exist. $1,000 per deposit, about $400,000,000 so far. Is it real, or a Ponzi scheme?

What an absolutely stunning and very clean find. I can only imagine the double takes from car buffs when passing it while being trailered home.

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