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Disableing a passenger air bag

How do I disable the passenger air bag on a 1996 Mazda B-3000


You might want to check with your attorney. It is possible you could be held responsible for injuries of your passenger in the event of an accident.

Why would you want to disable it?

I would most certainly think the owner/driver of the vehicle would be the first in line to be held responsible for injuries to his passenger in the event of an accident,air bag or no air bag (quickly followed by the driver/ownwer of the other car, unless it was a one car accident)

OP are you asking how to disable the passenger side and not get an air bag light?

I don’t like the idea of disabling a passenger airbag but there are two ways to “legally” disable it. One is if your vehicle is equipped with a factory installed passenger airbag disable switch (I owned a Jeep Grand Cherokee and a Silverado 3Door that had one). The other way is to submit a form for doing so and having the switch installed. I never disabled my passenger airbag and I don’t think it’s a good idea to do so. The only reason I could see doing this at all would be in a case where a small child “had” to ride in the front seat. We await your reason.

What would be the “illegal” way for THE CAR OWNER to disbale his own airbag?

Specifically… Part 595 - Retrofit On-Off Switches for Air bags (Effective 9-18-95)
This part establishes conditions under which retrofit on-off switches may be installed. The purpose of this part is to provide an exemption from the “make inoperative” provision of 49 U.S.C. 30122 and authorize motor vehicle dealers and motor vehicle repair businesses to install retrofit on-off switches for air bags. This part applies to dealers and motor vehicle repair businesses. I believe 49 U.S.C. 30122 makes it illegal for anyone to disconnect a functioning passenger airbag system. I’m not a legal authority but if an airbag failed to go off in an accident and the passenger was severly injured or killed…I don’t think the car owner would have a leg to stand on legally.

read this web page for answers…

So the “gov” can say a car owner cannot disable an airbag but cannot compel an owner to have one that is inop repaired? Notice my emphasis on owner and not a repair facility.

Locate the airbag control module and remove it. This will disable the entire system. The dashboard “bag” light will come on…The modules are USUALLY located behind the glove box…

I think back then, most vehicles had a little slot for you to put your key into and you could switch it off from there. You might try looking around for one of those