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The dipstick on my 2006 Honda Civic is orange and made of some sort of plastic material. The issue is that, with frequent oil changes the oil is so clear that it’s really difficult to see the level. Is that just me or does anyone else have the same issue. Is there an aftermarket “genric” metal dipstick available?

wipe the stick, then reinsert it. remove and lay it on a paper towel the “wet” line will show on the paper.

usually just wiping it dry, and resticking it will give you an “edge” to look for and see.

Products named “Champ” or “Help” do but you have to make sure you set the depth correctly.

Try holding it at an angle so the light will refract. You should be able to clearly see the line.

Try checking the engine oil when its cold. Basically all the suspended materials will be stuck to the stick and make the oil visible.

A thin film of fresh oil like that is virtually clear. No matter what stick you have. You need to turn the stick until the light reflects off the surfaces to read it.

I wipe the dipstick. Insert and withdraw. Look on one side for where the unwetted area begins. That’s the fill line. If I don’t see it on one side, I look on the other side for the unwetted area.
Try white paint on the end of the dip stick.