Dim interior lights

The interior lights on my 2006 Buick Lucerne become so dim that I can barely see them. This WAS an intermittent problem but it is increasing in frequency. I have contacted my dealer and GM. They say they are looking for a solution to this problem. After researching this on the Internet, it appears that GM has received many complaints about this. See the following link:


One writer suggested a “temporary fix.” He would like to cover up the light sensor so the car will think it is dark, thus keeping the interior lights bright. See following link: http://www…d-lighting

Your opinion about this idea or any other suggestions are greatly appreciated.

Sincere thanks,

Sharon Conley

Cars with the light sensor have 2 lighting modes: one for when it thinks it’s dark out and one for when it thinks it’s bright out.

Daytime mode bypasses the dimmer and should be full intensity. Nighttime mode should illuminate the panel at whatever the dimmer is set to.

I’ve had some problems with GM vehicles switching to night mode in the day, thus dropping the light intensity of the instrument cluster and radio to the very low level I have it set at for night driving.

If you turn your headlights on manually, it will revert to night mode and you can control intensity with the dimmer.

Do this and set dimmer intensity to maximum and see if it’s brighter than day mode. If it’s not brighter than day mode, there is a global problem with panel lighting. If it IS brighter, there is a problem with day mode.

BTW, GM absolutely will not fix this. They will not recall this. They do not stand behind their work even when the issue is safety and not vanity. I learned that the hard way with their “silent recall” on the defective instrument clusters.