Difficult to Shift from Park into any other gear

I recently had a spin out on the ice in my 2001 Honda Oddessy Minivan and had to have the back wheel and front rim replaced. I definitely hit the sidewalk at least once and ended up backward in traffic with the back of my van on the sidewalk. Just after getting the work done I noticed for the first time that my car was having trouble shifting out of park into any other gear when starting and when I had it running but put it in park. I have to either press the brake several times, all the way into the floor to get it to shift out of park or pump it once or twice quickly and when I hear a little click, shift it into gear. Is this a transmission problem? Could it have been caused by my spin out?

Have them check the brake light switch.
When you normaly press on the brake, that switch engages the solenoid to release park.

During your encounter spinning into the curb ( and many other ‘‘oh crap’’ driving scenarios ), it’s normal human nature to slam that brake with all one’s might and THAT is beyond normal for the pedal and switch.

You pushed the switch out of adjustment, broke the switch, or bent the lever on the pedal that pushes it.

Hopefully, Ken is correct about the problem lying in the brake light switch.
However, given the make, model, and model year of this vehicle, there is another possibility that needs to be checked out, a.s.a.p.

I am referring to the known issue of broken motor mounts and transmission mounts on this era of the Odyssey. If the impact with the curb was hard enough to snap these already-weak mounts, then you could have a situation where a broken mount (or two, or…) has slightly changed the position of the transmission vis-a-vis the shift linkage.

You really need to have a mechanic put this van up on a lift in order to check the condition of the motor and transmission mounts. Even if the current problem is not the result of bad mounts, given the likelihood of broken mounts on this type of vehicle, you need to have a mechanic inspect the motor mounts and transmission mounts in order to prevent other–even more serious–problems in the future.

Thank you both for your suggestions. I am making an appointment right away and suggesting that they check both the brake light switch and the motor and transmission mounts! I will let you know that they find.