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Different stages of auto transmission of toyota premio

d2 and L on transmission scale and little button with O/D written over it? when to use above three/their proper usuage

The owner’s manual should explain this. Do you have the owner’s manual?

D2 is second gear, L is low (1st) gear. The O/D button turns the Overdrive on and off.

Normally the transmission should be in D (Drive) and the overdrive should be on. Overdrive saves gas and reduces engine wear. Turn the OD off if you don’t want the transmission to shift into overdrive, such as going down a long hill or perhaps when towing or carrying a heavy load.

Otherwise, leave the OD on. The transmission will shift into an out of overdrive as required with no input from you.

D2 could be selected when descending a steep hill to help maintain speed without overusing the brakes. It might also help get you moving is slippery conditions without wheel spin. The transmission will stay in 2nd gear as long as D2 is selected, and will not upshift to higher gears.

Selecting L will prevent the transmission from shifting out of first gear. If you should ever want that, select L.

That pretty well sums it up.

Some drivers lock out the overdrive when in city traffic and the overdrive is constantly shifting in and out. This can be annoying and causes unnecessary wear to the transmission…I lock mine out until a steady speed of 40 mph can be maintained.