Different size tires

I have noticed some discussions about trouble on all wheel drives & 4 wheel drives with new & old tires. I see nothing in my manual about this. I have an 2006 Honda CRV,all time drive I think they call it. Do you think putting new tires against old ones could cause problems for the Diff. etc.in this vehichle?

If you don’t get an answer here I would double check with the dealer. I would tend to believe that if it is not in the manual, you should be OK, but if it were mine, I would be sure to do as you are doing and double check.

The AWD in the CRV I am guessing may be able to tolerate different size tire front to back. The AWD is part time and reactive once you start slipping. The AWD stops working once traction is gained. I am guessing that the differential never really heats up due to different size tires which requires constant slippage.

The major problem with Subaru and Audi for example with different tires is they are permanently engaged in AWD. So if you differing tire sizes are on the axles your differential(s) are slipping constantly and eventually overheat and burn up. However Audi and Subaru AWD is plain superior and much simplier and has been proven many times over in extreme conditions.

My mother has the same car, our dealer (who doesn’t sell tires) said that they recommend against putting different sized tires on the car as the computer would think 2 of the wheels are slipping when they are not and engaged the all wheel drive when it doesn’t need to be engaged.