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Different Diagnostic Results -- Ford Focus 2002 ZX5, 2.0L Double Cam Auto Engine

What do you do if you get a different reading from diagnostic tests? i.e., one from an auto discount store; one from a regular mechanic shop and another one from a ford dealership? What do you do?

Bottomline: Car still stalls occassionally and you have to take the highway to get to work – so you are going 70 then the car decides i doesn’t like that – so it stops?

Problem: You can get into an accident. You have replaced alternator, radiator, battery, 02 sensor, fuel filter – but to no avail – PLEASE HELP.


Very sad in Central Florida

Well, what are the different diagnoses? I assume the check engine light is on, and there are trouble codes popping up. Having these would help a lot. Also, all these places have actually seen the car, and given thier opinions. It would be very helpful to hear ALL of them. Otherwise, you’ll hear even more differing opinions, as we will be shooting in the dark.

One more shot in the dark would be the throttle position sensor.

More shots in the dark: would be the ignition module (igniter), ignition switch and crank position sensor. Sadly, the things you’ve listed as replaced would be nearly my last choices.