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Difference Between Northern and Southern Diesel Exhaust Fluids

I live in Maine and drive a 2016 Ford F-250 6.7 diesel with mileage of 23,000. I was in North Carolina for a week, and added a gallon of DEF to my 5 gallon tank to top it off from a bulk tank at a local service station there. I usually use BlueDEF and have never had a problem with it. My vehicle is now showing a P206A error code (DEF System Error). The temperature has dipped into the mid-single digits several days lately. Is there a difference between northern and southern diesel exhaust fluids that could cause this error code?

My unqualified answer is no. Let us know if there is a difference. I used to think that diesel exhaust fluid was the crud that splashed onto the garage door if you don’t open it before you start the truck.

Mid single digits is cold enough to freeze DEF, but if you run the truck it should eventually start to thaw, DEF is sold under many brands but as far a I can find the BluDEF you buy in Maine is supposed to be the same as what you’d find anywhere else.

I should mention that I typically buy and use BlueDEF at home in Maine but during my week-long trip to North Carolina I bought DEF from a bulk tank so it could be a different brand. My guess is that it was not BlueDEF.

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Sure thing!!