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Diesel Engine Block Heater

We are in the process of purchasing a 2001 F250 diesel truck, and we live in a remote area of Colorado. There is no electrical outlet near where we will be parking the truck. To your knowledge is there a batter-operated (re-chargable) or portable electric engine block heater for diesel engines?

That would take some mighty big batteries and then how would you charge them?

I am not familiar with one, a 100 foot extension cord would not cut it? It is probably a 1 to 300 watt demand.

Get a heavy duty industrial construction cord, make it as long as you want and plug the car in. Several hundred feet will result in a voltage drop, but the block heater, 300-500 watts, will still provide good heating in cold weather.

I don’t recommend a large battery pack which would have to be put on a cart, to heat up your truck.

A 1500-2000 watt portable generator installed in a dog-house near your parking spot will get the job done. But why hobble yourself with a vehicle that will not start reliably in the winter?? Do you live at high elevation? (over 8000’?) That would be Strike Two against a diesel…They are compression-ignition engines and above 8000’ there is little to compress…

That’s what I was thinking. Personally, I think a medium duty extension cord would work, but a heavy duty cord would be safer.

One of the best things you can do is use synthetic diesel motor oil regardless, and run the vehicle as late as possible on really cold nights before shut offs as they idle very cheaply. Make sure the starter battery is 100% and can operate glow plugs for extended periods and fuel is ALWAYS fresh with appropriate additives and tank is FULL…