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Did't get the SUV I asked for

I brought a ford edge 2013 in August 2012, told dealer I wanted AWD…drove to Canada in December …could not go up a snowy driveway and slipping and sliding on highway don’t think car has AWD…called dealer today his response was…that car is not AWD…said he will check out my deal and call me back…hasn’t called back yet…so what do I do now

bitch up the ladder, ie let me talk to your manager.

Go look at your paperwork. Does it say it has AWD? If not, why did you not notice this when you read the paperwork while buying the car? If so, tell the dealership to give you the car that you bought.

Did you drive it before you bought it?
Did you look at the window sticker?
Did you see “AWD” on the vehicle?
Are you related to the poster who bought the 1992 Miata or the one from NH who bought the rusted car?

It bewilders me how someone “didn’t get the SUV they asked for.” You are not buying books on amazon!

If your paperwork says AWD you need to speak to a lawyer. They defrauded you.
If it does not, your only option might be to trade it in.
look at your paperwork.

Ok. Can you provide proof you wanted awd?

It bewilders me too…
how on earth would you even drive away in it if it were not what you wanted ???

And the UN-answered question remains

get that paperwork out to answer this all important caveat in the whole story !
compare VINs on papers and on car to see that you are driving the car they sold you.

I agree. The window sticker should be part of the transaction paperwork. Look at your car. Every vehicle that has awd, or 4wd either has a model name, decal or plaque indicating it does. I would deal directly with customer service first then the owner. Modern cars are impossible to tell if they are awd until bad conditions demand it.
Look under the rear of your car. Between the rear wheels is a round differential alongn with a drive shaft going forward, IF the car has awd.

It should also be pointed out that AWD is not a magic solution for getting up slippery hills. If your tires suck, you’re still going to have problems.

wow you guys are all so harsh…I did talk to sales person that I wanted awd…I also said that I didnt want leather seats but wanted sunroof…so If I wanted a sunroof I had to take the leather seats…did read paperwork at signing but the AWD didnt come up in the conversation agian…didn’t think to ask agian before I drove of lot…now I hope it has AWD…silly me and I brought car in August went to Canada in December…I just feel that if I tell you what I want in a car then you should be selling me what I asked for…

After going on 6 months time it may be a bit late to bring this up. The only recourse I see would be if the paperwork you have states that it’s AWD when it’s actually not equipped with that.
If push came to shove on this, the dealer could make the point that it’s buyer’s remorse, someone is just trying to get something extra because of their mistake, etc, etc.
I’m not saying that you would do this at all; only that could be the dealer way of looking at it.

In defense of the sales people, unless it was written down they will not remember everything. There are simply too many numbers, too many people, and too many options to juggle during the course of the day to file everything in the memory banks; and especially with a sword hanging over their head the entire time.
As to the leather seats and sunroof thing, sometimes option packages are only provided one way by the manufacturer and the salesperson/dealer has no control over it.

You may have AWD. Did you look at the dash to see if you have push a button to turn it on? I have AWD on my truck. I have one for 2wd ,AWD,4wd,4wd Low.

@Lucas - 1st thing you need to find out is, does the SUV have AWD or not? Some AWD systems are not turned on and off by the driver and if your SUV has that type of AWD you might not know it. If the owner’s manual can’t help you, go to any Ford dealer anywhere. Show them the car and ask if it has AWD or not. The VIN# has a digit somewhere in the number that will tell a knowledgeable person whether you have AWD or not.

If you don’t have AWD then you have to consider your options. Winter tires might be one of the options that can get you where you need to go in a Canadian winter without AWD.

Where you bought the car makes a big difference. If you bought it in Florida it might be 2WD since a lot of SUV’s are sold by Florida dealers without 4WD or AWD. If you bought it in a northern state, NH, MA, MI, WI very very few if any SUV’s are sold in these northern states with 2WD. Dealers in the north simply don’t stock many, if any, SUV’s without 4WD or AWD. They’d have to order a 2WD special for you or find one at another dealer and get it for you.

tell me the VIN and I’ll tell you if it has AWD.

YOU should be able to tell by looking at name badges on the rear gate or sides.
And the afore-mentioned rear axle…look and see ! an edge is front wheel drive when not awd. The presence of a rear differential is key.
But I can still run the VIN to see exactly.

My wife’s AWD Escape has no buttons to push , it’s just computer automatic…BUT it says so !
on the dash
on the rear gate
it says AWD.

And, again, TIRES are hugely important to the drivabilty of an AWD.

And STILL UNANSWERED…does the purchase paperwork MATCH the vehicle you’re driving ???
Could you have been billed for an awd but driven away in the wrong car ?

Awd is a huge option on a car. Not taking sides, but if I wanted awd, I would crawl uner and check before I bought the car. I certainly would notice and say something about the leather , sunroof etc. I am not saying you were wrong, just that it is judicious not to trust anything like that about a car when you have to pay that much money. Now, I would play mr. Nice guy like you would not believe and try to replace the car with as little pain as possible. If it does not work, lawyer up. Have you ever just LOOKED ? When you say "I hope it has awd " when it is in plane view under the car !