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Did she learn a lesson?

As a result of texting while driving, a woman was impaled by a pole–and lived to tell about it.
Hopefully she learned something from this experience.

She’ll never do that again. Unfortunately many others won’t stop texting until a similar fate, or worse, befalls them.

Not the friendly kind of pole dancing…

Maybe this was her “pole tax” for texting…

Puts a whole new meaning to getting the shaft…

I hope she learns a lesson (no puns on this one)

This gives a new meaning to sexting.

I m not even gonna read about it. some things I just don t want to learn

Hopefully she’s been cured of the habit but I wonder how many people who know that lady or live in that area will learn anything from it.
My feeling is that it’s business as usual.

Humans are creatures of habit. She might be more careful for a little bit, but as soon as that phone goes off while she’s driving, it’ll be right back to where she started.

Cats are better learners than humans. We had two cats who were litter mates. When they were young, they were running around the house on a cold winter day. The male jumped onto the wood stove and badly burned his paw. His sister saw the incident. There was a trip to the vet, lots of bandages, etc. Neither one of them ever jumped onto the woodstove again.

A human would have jumped onto the woodstove within a few weeks and sued me for burning things in it, claiming that he had a right to jump onto it.

BTW, the cat who got burned was very sweet about the whole thing. I was in the other room. He didn’t meow or make any noise. He just walked into the room where I was and held his paw up. For any cat people, they were Birmans, a very mellow breed.

A few minutes after coming home from work one day, I heard a meowing coming from the garage. I opened the hood and there was my cat looking at me. She was stuck near the exhaust manifold. Her paws cracked and bled a little but she healed up well. She was a uniform gray, but after this incident, she had blotches of permanent white fur, presumably where her skin got burned…weird. (No, she never did that again.)

We used to have a Birman cat; a very pretty and docile animal that was spoiled rotten He would spend most of the time asleep on the sofa and one could walk over and handle him like a wet towel. He would sleep through anything and often it was difficult to even tell if he was alive or not.

Last week while on a 4 lane where the speed dropped from 65 to 55 I kicked the cruise off and a guy on the inside lane in a Kingcab Ford also slowed a few lengths in front of me. A minute later he veered off and put both drivers side wheels into the median, sending up grass and dust.
He corrected and got back on the road. My thought was cell phone…

A few hundred yards later it happened again and at that point I started watching him through the rear glass of the truck. He appeared to be looking to the right and down. A minute later I saw him raise the phone and a few seconds later he was off in the grass again.

Shortly after that he exited the 4 lane. So this guy put the wheels into the weeds 3 times in less than half a mile and apparently learned nothing.

Saxophone is the Devil’s horn…

She’ll learn never to do that exact thing ever again. But give up texting? Not likely.

A few days ago I was on the highway (five lanes in one direction in that area) and a car in the adjacent lane began drifting over the line into my lane. I beeped and she looked up from her texting and gave me a dirty look. She corrected her trajectory and went back to her texting. After I went by her I saw her in my rear view mirror drifting into the other lane again.

Learn? These people aren’t even familiar with the word.

She should switch to a horse.

I don’t believe that most Americans think of it as “driving” anymore. They get into a device that is supposed to transport them from point A to point B without interfering with any other activities in their lives. Shift gears? Huh, why would I want to do anything other than Drive or Reverse? Listen for emergency vehicle sirens? What, and miss my favorite music? Pay attention to drivers around me? That’s their problem; I want to talk with my XXXX.

I think it should be difficult to get a driver license. The process should include time in a simulator that would show how easily these activities can lead to disaster. And, yes, it would be expensive to learn how to drive properly. A person needs to be trained in the skill of propelling thousands of pounds of metal, glass, and plastic at high rates of speed down a public highway, and they should pay for that training. A positive side effect of this process is that we would have far fewer people on the roads.