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Did collision shop cause service 4wheel drive light?

Hey guys, had some collision work done (shown in pic attached) and now my “service 4wheel drive” light is on. This was not on prior to dropping off truck. Is there something that was done to that area of repair which could trigger this?

Make, model, year?

2016 gmc Yukon XL. Thought I put it in the drop down fields,sorry!

They may have disconnected the battery, who knows what that might have done.

I would try cycling the 4WD selector through all it’s positions and see if that clears it. Engine running transmission in neutral.

Call the shop and ask politely if they might have missed a connector or something that caused the light to come on . They should have some kind of warranty period.

for Nissan Pathfinder, after disconnecting battery, it will illuminate “4WD” and “traction control” lights for few miles, before transmission electronics resets itself