Diamond tires

Does anyone have experience with diamond permeated tires? Supposed to provide traction, invented in Iceland, tested in Sweden. See: http://www…dtire.com/


I’ve never heard of them. I looked at the website and it actually looks like a good idea. Perhaps Tirerack or 1010tire will have some information. If you find out anything I’d be interested in knowing.

Sounds like the rebirth of the walnut-shell recap… A new gimmick to sell recapped snow tires…

They work pretty well as winter tires from a few friends with performance Subaru’s who have bought them. The biggest issue with them is limited distribution and seasonal allocation. The special tread is just another methodology to gain traction in winter conditions without the use of studs.

Does anyone know how they perform, compared to tungston/steel studs, on serious winter ice? ~Robert~

I’ve gotten the chance to test out my new Michelin’s in the snow the past couple days and they’ve worked wonders over my last set of tires, does that count?


Michelins without studs? ~Robert~

It doesn’t say they are “diamond permeated,” it says they are permeated with “diamond-like silica.” This is not new. Lots of winter tires have silica in the compound.

Don’t waste your money on these tires.