Diagnotic Help on a '12 Dodge GC

Does anyone besides me wonder why Keen1 would choose that Avatar ?

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Nope. I didn’t pay attention to it until you posted about it. Maybe he thinks it’s cool.

@Keen1, don’t get defensive about the responses. A couple of the responders are experts and didn’t understand the insurance thing. You are not an expert and thought contacting your insurer might be worthwhile. I don’t see a problem with either.

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Folks, rodent damage, which the OP experienced in another vehicle, is sometimes covered by insurance, so notifying insurance this time given possible rodent damage, makes sense.

I was going to give you advice, but after seeing how you respond to people who know far more about cars than I do, I think it would be a waste of ti,e. A LITTLE knowledge is a dangerous thing.


If I post here, and I am getting good advice or someone just doesn’t understand what I posted and asks questions, I don’t plan on taking it personally and get into a pee-ing contest. It is very easy for me to take what is helpful and leave behind all that is not.
Good mechanics know that a lot of probing questions can be very helpful to diagnose strange problems. At that point in the diagnostic process, an OP can often drop a definitive hint without even knowing they did it. There is some great talent on this site, so you want to do everything to encourage their cooperation.