can i get a free diagnostic done on my car?

Sort of.

Some parts stores like Autozone will download stored codes from your OBDII On Board Diagnostic system (if you have one…you’ve not told us anything about your car) for free. The codes will only point to an area to look, such as telling you that your #4 cylinder is misfiring, but won’t necessaryily tell you why. The tech will interpret the codes and diagnose the cause of the code from there.

Ther are also problems that will not cause a code in the computer.

So, tell us about your car and what it’s doing (or not doing).

its a 1999 sunfire and i hear a ticking coming from the head,only started after i had the engine flushed

Why or why did you have an engine flush?

Well … why could be part of the answer and exactly what was flushed? They like to do oil flushes, radiator flushes, brake flushes, power steering flushes and transmission flushes. Brakes and radiators should be flushed. In general the others are mainly profit gimmicks. However normally they don’t do any damage.

Who did the work (not a fast lube place or dealer I hope)

I take it the noise started as soon as the work was done. Have you asked those that did it about it? (Don’t let them work on the car until we figure it out.

How many miles on it so far? Any history of problems or repairs?