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I had too! sorry! any opinions?

Sorry, gotta ask…are you related to mmsamma?

WHO? and what? I do not understand the question? PLEASE EXPLAIN? I say DOMESTIC CARS ARE JUNK. so what thats M/O! AND THEN YOU CALL ME SOME WEIRED NAME. AND yes I’M an American(and union workers SUCK) lazy spoon fed SLOBS,AND YEP I worked in the union. do it there way or go home.nope i stuck around and liked the dumb stuff i saw. no wonder JAPAN,AND NOW CHINA ARE KILLING US. BECAUSE WE ARE LAZY. AND THINK THE WORLD OWES US SOMETHING. NOT SO! but the puke name was ugly.


mmsamma is another board member who writes in a similar manner to this post. The only other coincidence I see between you and mmsamma is that your screen name is “maico 490” which is also listed under mmsamma’s interests.

See his/her profile here:;jsessionid=B384016C6E474BA22AA10585A5FFB704

lol, good detective work. As for maico_490 or mmsamma, well, thanks for having an opinion, I’m sure that you’re not the only one who has one. If you’d like your opinion to be valued more than someone else’s, kindly explain why you are special or how you have greater insight than anyone with an opposing view.

darn it ! foiled again. what shall I do? the ? was not for the benifit of anyone just that is my opinion,and not special reasons,one post boast detroits so called wonderful,JUNK,and I oppose it. there you have it. my opinion is as valued, as much as the last post, if i want a cuddos,ill go buy one. but thank you . (have change in the ashtray)


next time ill try a screen name like,ahhh! FUEL FILTER. LMFAO! NOPE even better,JIM ROCKFORD.

Well, I wasn’t saying that my opinion is by any means greater, I’m just saying that you don’t make a very compelling argument, you know?

dont have to,the economy SPEAKS for itself. not here to argue.and yes you did imply that you are the BEST, SO you are the best(I guess?)…NOT.

maico I wasn’t saying that my opinion is by any means greater, quote!

Ha ha, looks like I hit a nerve. It is easier to find things like like than it was when I was matching missing persons to facial reconstructions a few years back.

Well, I suspected it and there you have it. I knew we couldn’t have lost you that easily. Well, here we go, more BS posts sprinkled into every thread on here…

First Beefy Norm, then mmsamma & now maico. Never a dull moment.

Keeps things interesting, I guess :slight_smile:

Has maico been banned? The OP’s name doesn’t show at the top. It says “CAR TALK ASKS:” instead.

Not sure, he still has a working profile, if you click on his name in one of the above posts.

I had suspected this for a week or so, based on maico’s:

*lack of spacing in his posts
*rampant spelling and grammatical errors
*generally bizarre nature of the posts (not as bizarre as mmsamma, but…)

Maybe maico is the good twin!

at least Jim Rockford drove a camaro. AND made sense! ( at least as far as TV goes)

Detective jsutter at your service. Finding near obvious forum abuse is my middle name.