Desert Driving and Oil

Went to a new mechanic up here in the High Desert of So CA (lots of dirt even though seldom drive on unpaved roads.)

I have been using pure synthetic oil. He recommended a synthetic blend.

I’ve been changing every 5 thousand, he says regardless of oil, change every three thousand.

What do you suggest?

(BTW - did a 90 k major tune up with him. He specializes in Hondas and Toyotas… Car running like new.)

I don’t agree with either. If you’re doing lots of highway miles, 5k should be fine, especially with full synthetic. 3k is for stop and go short drives, or if you tow.

You appear to cite dusty conditions. That might limit your ability to go very long on oil changes. I’d do a used oil analysis at the end of your next oil change (about $25) and see how high the silicon level is in the oil.

You’ll have to assure that you change your air filter in a timely manner under dusty conditions. Silicon is abrasive and will sand blast your throttle body, valves, and pistons. The air filter handles it, but will saturate more quickly. You also have to assure that all the air plumbing is intact. One cracked or loose vacuum hose and you’re sucking in unfiltered air.

The air filter is, by far, the most important filter on your car.

Synthetic or synthetic blend is no better than the cheapest dino oil at dealing with dust contamination in oil.

That all being said with 90k miles I seriously doubt 3000 miles vs 5000 miles OCI will make any difference in the running life. Just change the oil in timely fashion and especially air filter in severe service interval.

Agree with other posters; your AIR FILTER is the most important thing to worry about. I have seen it changed every 6 months under dusty and windy conditions, compared to 2 years as per most manuals.

I would test the oil at 3000 miles for silicon, and if too high, change the oil. If not go to 5000 miles. Construction and farm equipment works nearly all year under these conditions.

Agree that the type of oil is not important here. I would go for 5W30 weight minimum considering the climate conditions.

every 3 thousand is recommended for desert driving. so thats right. not sure about wich type to use.