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Except in rust belt areas. The rotors will be victims of corrosion before that 70K runs out. In Ohio, most of my of the brake jobs on my cars were due to rust because both of our commutes were quite short. Half the brake pad left but only in contact with the remaining half a rotor.

Can the regenerative braking feature be adjusted (turned on and off and in between)? That could let drivers give their rotors a good cleaning from time to time. Maybe 10% would bother. I would want to be able to.

Maybe yes, maybe no. I have been carefully watching my rotors for signs of rust, simply because almost all of my braking is done via the regenerative braking mechanism, but–so far–after 6 months the rotors look pristine. Obviously I will continue to observe them.

Perhaps on some vehicles, but my plug-in hybrid does not allow for that.

You can reduce the relative contribution of regenerative braking by braking harder. It can’t supply full braking through just regeneration.

A really hard push on the brake pedal will cause the hydraulic brake system to come into play.