Delivery fee

Minnesota govt wants to add 75 cents to every delivery to your home. It’s to use Money to fix roads. I drive to store to buy oil filter. No fee. I order oil filter online and have it sent to home. I pay fee. 100 people drive to store to buy 100 oil filters. No fee. Trucks delivers 100 oil filters to 100 homes. 100 x 75 cents to deliver items. Mn loves taxes. We have $17 billion surplus. Our gov wants to spend it all. And raise taxes.

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Do you pay state tax for online purchases? We do.

Actually, the 75 cent fee seems like double taxation. The delivery service pays fuel tax and now they want you to pay up too. Email your representatives (all of them) and remind them of double taxation.


There may (or may not) be such a thing being discussed by some, or even written into a bill that may or may not become law. That is not same as “Minnesota govt wants to…”

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Even in stores we pay sales tax on items that have already been taxed, that tax is paid by the wholesaler than incorporated into the sale price.
Double taxation is not new.

Clearly some of this stuff passes with a one vote majority is on shaky constitutional grounds. Just when you think it can’t get any more crazy, they out do themselves. 17 billion surplus and have to raise taxes more. Two billion set aside for rebates but the rest spent plus borrowing.

I’m not aware of wholesalers paying sales taxes? That’s why they are wholesalers. But it differs by state.

It might cost me 75 cents in gas/wear on my car to drive to the store and buy said item.

If I’m going to get charged 75 cents, I’d rather someone just bring it to my house.

I’m also not too worried about an extra 75 cents, all things being equal. Life is too short.

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Not necessarily, I see these ugly vans everyday;


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It’s always been 50 cents extra for pizza delivery, plus a dollar for a tip. The difference is choice. I usually just pick it up myself and save a dollar and a half. Plus it’s a good reason to get out of the house.

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Gasoline in my area is $4/gallon, if the store is 6 miles away, that is half a gallon of gas consumed.

Well you choose to live where you choose to live but I understand. When I left South Dakota I told them there was no money there.

I don’t know if anyone chooses to live close to the pizza parlor, you still have to drive a certain distance if you want to pick up the order.

Right next to the hardware store so it’s called multi tasking. I’m gonna drive ten miles to the home sow if I can drag myself away from car talk. The cost will be substantial. But Lowe’s and harbor freight are on the way.

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There are 49 states that dont have that specific annoying tax.

I absolutely agree that it is a Double Tax since the delivery driver is paying for fuel that pays the highway tax. But your representatives might construe this extra charge as a Luxury Tax which is a tax on luxury goods: products not considered essential; or as a Value-Added Tax (VAT), known in some countries as a Goods And Services Tax (GST); or as an Excise Tax which is a legislated tax on specific goods or services at the time they are purchased. Goods subject to excise taxes could be fuel, tobacco, and alcohol, among others.

Take your pick, my legislative representatives just love to use taxes when it is easier to increase a tax rather than eliminate an obsolete program no longer needed…

Those in favor of this idea would probably argue that private delivery companies are benefitting by using the roads provided by the state to perform their business services, and therefore should pay something to the state for that benefit. Don’t big-rig commercial truck owners have to pay a per mile fee over and beyond state fees charged for private cars? A per delivery charge fee seems wrong imo, but a per mile fee for commercial truck use of public roads, I wouldn’t have an objection to that.

Just sounds like they are encouraging “buy local”. Online is almost always cheaper. If you pay an extra $.75 perhaps you’ll drive to the local store instead.

Politicians forget that if a taxpayer is charged a fine or a fee, the money is usually coming from local businesses. Many if not most taxpayers have a fixed budget, so if they have to pay an unexpected fee or fine, they’ll just reduce spending the same amount at the local businesses. I was watching a tv news story the other day, reporter asked what they’d do if a new tax went into effect. “Not a problem. We’d just make more dinners at home rather than eating at restaurants.”

Any and all these fees are passed on to consumers. Taxes at a business goes up, then their prices go up.

Not a big fan of these EXTRA taxes. The state is already collecting a tax from the gas used to deliver your goods. Now an extra tax.

The other thing I hate about these taxes is…Is it really going to fix roads? When I lived in NY, they raised several taxes on vehicle registration and gasoline, saying it as going for road repair. It just went into the general fund and the roads were just as bad as they were before the tax.

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+1, agreed 100%
Basically the business is just the middle man between the government and the consumer, the consumer pays all the taxes through the business…

The weather has been bad this year in minnesota, and large potholes are everywhere. Cities have the option to add a percent or two onto the state sales tax for extra funding. Many cities around are now opting for it. I don’t mind if they fix the potholes, but as in the past, they will never reduce the tax again in good years. In fact while they cry about funding, many employees are getting pretty good sized raises. I guess they never learned the art of slicing budgets like some of us.