Del Sol Engine Overheating

Engine overheats at idle. I have replaced all sensors, removed the thermostat and all hoses. Motor to the fan is brand new. Still runs hot.

Why didn’t you just install a new thermostat of the proper temperature rating?

You said the fan motor is new . . . but does it actually come on?

coolant level correct?

does the radiator cap look okay . . . the seal’s not rotten?

no obvious coolant leaks?

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I left the gasket, i was informed by other honda boys it would make my engine cool all the time (wrong) I’ll be replacing the thermostat back to normal this Friday. Fan comes on when the gauge goes to almost 5 tics to red than its about 2 to 4 tics above the middle range. Radiator cap appears fine? There’s a lose gasket i guess but i can replace that tomorrow if its not keeping enough psi. And there are no coolant leaks.

I checked for the worst case, head gasket, but i am not seeing any signs of that…YET.

Preferred way to diagnose a cooling system?


This old (20+ year old) car probably needs a new radiator.