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Defroster and heater problem with 1996 Suzuki Swift

I have a 1996 Suzuki Swift. My defroster stopped working several weeks ago.

If I have the defroster and heater on at the same time, white vapor smoke comes from my vents. My heater works fine when I choose the vent option for it to blow directly on me but I can see and smell light blue smoke if I change the vent option to blow on my feet.

In addition a thin white film covers my windows while I’m driving whether I have the heater on or not (and there’s a slight oil smell in the car if the heater is on - I do have an oil leak). The thin white film can be wiped from the windows easily at first but becomes more difficult to wipe after 30 minutes or so of driving. Once I turn the car off, the film disappears within 6-8 hours.

I’d like a diagnosis before taking it to an auto repair shop so I don’t spend a lot of money on diagnosis tests. Please help.

Walt Suzuki

This is a classic sign of having a small leak in your heater core. Especially if there is a smell to the fumes. I have had 3 such situations, on a Ford Maverick, Ford Granada and a Chevy and in all cases the symptoms were the same and the cost ranged from $200 to $350. Most of the cost is labor.

Hav the system pressure tested ata a good shop, and thery will be able to tell you very quickly what teh problemis exactly.

Good luck.