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Defrost Doesn't work

The defrost on my 07 honda accord SE isn’t working nor are the feet warmer, but the front facing vent do work. When i asked a buddy of mine he said it was the actuators under my glove department, but there are two, one on the left and another on the right. I have both part numbers which is AWW063800-0041-3822 (LEFST SIDE) and AW063700-8350-3850 (RIGHT SIDE). I want to know which one to buy.

What you’re talking about are the Blend door control motors.

When the problem might be with the Mode door control motor.

It’s item 6 in the diagram.;et=2%2C7)&Keywords=mode+control+motor


Thank you, I really appreciate it!

OP might want to consider getting a proper shop diagnosis for this problem from a shop having the necessary scan tool equipment, then they’ll know for sure what needs to be replaced and if they want to complete the job themselves they’ll know they’ll be spending their time fixing the actual problem.