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Deep Tree Scratch on Side of Roof

Hi guys, I have a RV motorhome and upon passing a parking spot, caught a few hanging trees and have a very deep scratch on the side. Attached is a pic. The material doesn’t feel like metal (notice the wool-like material into the scratch. Is there any resin application I can apply or does it surely require professional work? Thanks for the help.

It’s been a few years since I last owned a motorhome but yes…they do sell a roof repair kit for RV’s. Just visit a large RV store and go to the parts department. The material they use on RV roofs is a rubber based product that can be troublesome to repair. You are not alone here because the majority of RV roofs are damaged by tree branches.

Thanks for the response. It seems to be fiberglass material. I’m not car savvy by any stretch. Do you have a rough figure on the cost of the repair at a shop? It’s on the side of the roof.

Not really but I do know that RV roof repair is very expensive in most cases. Call for an estimate at your local RV center.

Nasty! But clearly fiberglass. You can buy fiberglass repair kits at any parts store. They’ll consist of a glass mat and two-part epoxy mix. If it were mine, I’d scrape the edges, lay mat over the open area, epoxy it on, and file/sand it to approximate the shape. Plastic body putty can be successfully used over the fiberglass if you want to get the shape better. Then I’d use rattlecans from the parts store to prime and pain it. Done well, this will not only seal the opening against weather, but it will also give it mechanical integrity so it doesn’t crack further or leak. Only if I was unsatisfied would I take it to a pro for repair.

Note: I’ve worked with these fiberglass kits. You’ll want a box of disposable rubber gloves and excellent ventilation, work outside if possible. Try to do this without good ventilation and your head will explode.

Google is your friend. There are so many videos on YouTube showing how to repair fiberglass you should be able to make it look fine until you hit another tree.