Dealership mechanic tightened the oil pan plug with hand and it came out

Consider it done .

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After almost 20 years in the field as a Mechanical Breakdown Inspector, I can tell you professionally: if the temp gauge is operational but you still drive into the ground because of overheat, no insurance or warranty will cover it. Unless, of course, their inspector is dumb as a rock and doesn’t confirm overheat.

It’s a free country. To the extent of allowing irrational actions.

I guess it all depends on if you get run over or get away with it. Cops can be pretty unreasonable about this sort of thing. Many years ago my wife and our young children were driving on I-17 south of Flagstaff when the left front tire blew. It pulled the old van to the left shoulder. Along came the Arizona DPS. One might think help has arrived. But no, a solid dressing down and lecture about stopping on the wrong side of the freeway ensued. A gentleman hiked up from the nearby rest area and changed the tire for her and got her back underway.

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Corporate denial of responsibility. Here’s a little jingle about luggage handling. United Breaks Guitars - YouTube If your negligence damages someone’s property, you should stand up and be responsible. Good luck with the automotive industry. They are often just as disinterest as the airline.

I ended up sitting next to a seat-belted guitar on one flight. Musician sitting in the next seat said he always bought a ticket just for his guitar. Just my luck, next to a guitar. In all my years of flying I only got to sit next to a cute young lady once, a flight from London to Copenhagen.

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Look on the bright side. The guitar didn’t pass gas, or belch loudly, or clip its toenails, or insist that you look at baby pictures, or hog the armrest, or snore, or do any of the other obnoxious things that I have been subjected to on a flight.


I’ll be sitting next to a beautiful and classy lady this evening :blush:

But it won’t be on a plane :laughing:

To keep it car-related, we’re only taking one car to this evening’s event

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