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Dealer says I need a timing belt -- 22K miles on the 8 yr oldcar

I have a 2001 Lexus GS 300, a great car. It has gone only 22,000 miles (because I switched to commuting by subway about whan I bought it). The last time it was in for service the dealer said that I should get the timing belt replaced at the next service (24K miles) because age alone will wear it out. I started to try to check on this and others told me to replace my tires for the same reason. Can anyone tell me whether this is correct? Thanks.

8 yrs OR 105,000 miles whichever FIRST so change timing belt.

Tires at 8 yrs are nearing end of safe life. Usually the range is 6-10 years dependent on condition and way car is stored when not in use.

Yes, this is correct, regarding both the timing belt and the tires. The tires might be okay if you don’t park outside the majority of the time, but you might want to have them inspected just to be sure.

Regarding the tires, the major tire companies concur that 8 years is the upper limit of safety for tires. If you visit a few tire company websites, you can probably get verification of this.

Regarding the timing belt, 8 years is the upper limit of safety, even if the odometer mileage limit of 105,000 miles has not been reached. This one is even easier to verify. Just open your glove compartment, take out the Owner’s Manual, and read what is listed in the Lexus Maintenance Schedule.