Dead rat

A rat got into my fan motor housing, was killed and the stench is throughout the car. Toyota is replacing parts, etc, but will I ever be able to eliminate the smell and could it be hazardous to my health if I do not?

This is a fairly common problem and only time will eliminate all the smell. Check out a good detail shop since they are the closest thing to experts in this matter.

gasoline fumes are more dangerous than the smell of rat remains…have the engine compartment steam cleaned by someone who knows how to do it…

Agree; time will evetually get rid of the smell. In the mean time there are a number of kits on the market to get rid of mouldy and otyher smells; just spray them into the outside air intake with the heater/A/C running and you will smell spring flowers instead of dead rats. Instructions are on the can.

I do this once a year with both my cars. The spray kit costs about $12.

Agree that dead art smell is not as harmful as gasoline fumes.