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Dead mouse in car?

I think I have a unique horror…After I returned from vacation I git into my car only to hear a Squeek! When I looked arounf I noticed a baby mouse in the passenger footwell. I removed it, but I think the Mom must have been in the airconditioning system air ducts as the car now absolutely stinks of road kill. Where is the dead body liley to be found and how do I get rid of the stench…help please!

The mom could have escaped and what you smell is the rest of the mouse litter that was abandoned and died. After all, how often do mice only have one offspring? In any case, I would have the relevant heating and A/C ducts removed until the bodies are found and then cleaned out or replaced.

Allright…I found the offending nest in the airconditioning filter behind the glove compartment…including dead baby. I hope Mom did escape as her smell will be awful given that the baby was only about an inch long but managed to stink out the whole vehicle…thanks for the advice smell all gone…how the mother got into a locked car however is another question entirely

What year and make of car? The wise folks here may be able to help you pinpoint where to install wire mesh to keep future visitors out of your car.

Nissan Altima 2002 (I think - the first year of the new design). placing wire mesh would be great…other option is to buy a cat!