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Dead car but still owe the bank

I have a Pontiac Grand Prix perfect body/interior.

Headgaskets blew, I replaced them too late and engine is ruined. I still owe the bank on the loan. Any advice?

Can you afford to install a used engine at this point and still make timely payments till the vehicle is paid for?

Car loans are the worst things that create financial disaster for many especially if long term (>36months) or high interest rates. I wish you good luck.

try for a used engine. Sometimes you can get a short term loan to cover the expense. You are legally obligated to continue the car payments, even though the car has a mechanical problem. Used engine route is generally the most inexpensive way to go get the car running again and have some usefulness and value remain in the car.

Not much you can do but put a used engine in it and continue paying your loan. The bank has nothing to do with the maintenance of your car, so even if it goes, you still owe. That’s the risk taken if you finance a car out of warranty. On the bright side it’s not an expensive engine, so finding a used engine for cheap shouldn’t be hard. Start investigating mechanics in the area.

thanks for the advice!

aside from putting a rag in the gas tank and rolling it down a hill, then trying to collect the insurance, I would look to a local junk yard for a higher milage engine to swap out. 3800’s are pretty cheap.