Dead batteries

Have a 2009 Genesis that will not hold a charge.Battery has gone dead 4 times since Dec.New battery put in but that went dead,was told that there is a battery saver mode to protect battery while car is parked.That was repaired but battery went dead again after a few weeks.Now being told that I must lock my car when it is in my secure garage as the security system in the car become activated and checks various safety points since the car is unlocked.This procedure draws on the battery and if I haven’t driven for a while it wears down the battery.

Am I dealing with fact of fiction.

“Am I dealing with fact or fiction?”

I’m going to suggest “fiction.”

It’s true that a vehicle’s security system, and all of the computers in the car, draw power from the battery 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, whether you drive it or not.

However, this power draw should not be enough to drain a battery in a few weeks. You should be able to park the car for a month, maybe more, with no problems. And locking should be up to you. I don’t lock my car when it’s in my garage. Their BS-ing you on this issue.

Something is draining the battery, and it’s not normal. What does the owner’s manual say about a “battery saver mode?” The dealer’s explanation is total BS.

Tell the dealer, "If the battery in this vehicle doesn’t last more than a few weeks of non-driving, then I don’t want to own this vehicle. And mean it.

You should be able to use your Genesis as you see fit, with no problems. If you can’t, it’s not a “luxury” vehicle.


If your Hyundai Genesis really can’t sit for a few weeks without draining its battery (pretty sad), get yourself a Battery Tender, and hook it up when you’re not driving the car. A Battery Tender will keep your battery fully charged without over-charging it.

Good luck.

Many newer cars have high parasitic loads on the battery…Anti-theft systems are notorious for draining down the battery. If you don’t drive it enough to keep the battery charged, perhaps you do not need to own a car…Any decent auto-electric shop can evaluate the parasitic load on your battery and tell you what you need to do to avoid the dead battery problem…

there is either a large drain on the battery as caddyman said or your battery is not charging properly. if you park your car for long periods of time you may want to consider going with a different kind of battery. optima gel cell batteries last for a very long time and have never had problems with them.