De-Frosting Only--No cake!


2000 right hand drive Jeep Vent control does not switch to other vents and just stays on defrost mode when switched from off position. Also the temp control stays on hot no matter where the knob is rotated. Where might I look for the problem and how do I get to it without using the wife and her chainsaw?


Often these systems are controlled by vacuum, and if there is a leak or a disconnected vacuum the system will go to default position, which just might be “defrost.” There was a similar question a day or two ago.

The temp control is more likely to have some sort of physical connection. No guarantee, but more likely.

The fun is going to be trying to locate the components/connections that might be causing this problem, because they are usually located behind/under the dashboard in very inconvenient places.

A service manual, such as Haynes or Jeep factory, would be VERY helpful.


I believe that your blend doors and temperature door are electrical. Check the fuses first. Fuse #8 10 amp.


Thank You mcparadise, The rubber elbow near the engine intake was off–I used tape to secure it better. The temp. control still doesn’t work, it must be electrical because with the engine not running and the key on I can hear something trying to actuate when I turn the knob approx. 1/8 turn back and forth from the hottest position only. Sounds are from cntr. of dash behind controls–does anyone know “the more often than not” if it would be the knob control or the thingerhumpermadoodle the knob is trying to actuate? Thanks Again, Jim H./hamlindome